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About Theo

Theo Jacques is a self-represented performer from the Czech Republic.

Theo has studied acting through various courses in the Czech Republic and England. These include David Penn's The Naked Face Masterclass (2021), Mary Angiolillo’s Working with Actors at FAMU (2021), the Prague Youth Theatre (2020), where he got his gold medal accredited by LAMDA. Under the guidance of the American actor Brian Caspe, Prague Playhouse Acting Studio (2020) has also been a part of his experience, as well as Actors Studio (2019) and others.


Theo’s also an ambitious self-learner. From different books, videos, people, films, and theatre he draws inspiration and necessary information which he then uses while working on student films, e.g. with FAMU (The Fortune Teller, Okamžik, Waiting Room i.e.), or short films (Czechia (Wo)Men) and other productions.



"​What attracts me to acting is that I can challenge myself, express my creativity, and discover parts of myself and the world through the role I choose to portray. I enjoy analyzing other people's behavior, learning new skills, and I love the feeling and complete immersion of becoming a specific and believable character.


I love the audience relating to the story and character and finding common ground; realizing that they're not alone and can dive into the world we create. Acting serves me as a form of expression of my own experience as well as an escape from it."​



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