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About Me

​Theo Jacques is a self-represented performer from Europe.

"I feed my soul by exploring everything that life has to offer. To see the world through different eyes, to learn, observe and experience, to accept challenges - that defines me.

I walk through life with passion, eagerness, patience, ambition, versatility, action, and creativity. Therefore, I draw from various inspirations and use different outlets such as acting, singing, photography, working out, playing the guitar, traveling, and obsessing over films."


Although Theo's early childhood was complicated, no difficulty could deter him from a profound love of the arts and from becoming a strong and experienced individual.

He found his way to the arts by joining his school choir, leading to solo concerts and a healthy devotion to music. While at grammar school, he was drawn to acting by joining the school‘s drama club and by having roles in student films. This led to his decision to seek a career in the film industry. Initially, he worked as a background actor for a few projects and as a crew member for companies such as Amazon Studios, HBO, and Marvel Studios while learning the mechanics of being on a professional movie set.

In 2020, after attending various acting courses already, he completed a LAMDA-accredited exam and got his Gold Medal (Grade 8, Level 3) at "Distinction mark". 

Thereafter, he worked on many projects that made him grow both as an actor and a person. Followed by earning his Spotlight membership in late 2022.

In May 2023, he is set to play Monsieur Bouc in the stage adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express in Prague, Czech Republic.


In the meantime, he continues to pursue other challenges and goals in both his life and career.



"​What attracts me to acting is that I can challenge myself, express my creativity, and discover parts of myself and the world through the role I choose to portray. I enjoy analyzing other people's behavior and learning new skills, and I love the feeling and complete immersion of becoming a specific and believable character.

​I love the audience relating to the story and character and finding common ground; realizing that they're not alone and can dive into the world we create. Acting serves me as a form of expression of my own experience as well as an escape from my own life."​​


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art's (LAMDA) Gold Medal

Grade 8, Level 3 at the "​Distinction Mark"​.

Exam taken at Prague Youth Theatre as a part of the "Exam Prep: Acting'' course.

LAMDA Exam Level 3 (Gold Medal, Grade 8) - Distinction_edited.jpg
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