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Theo Jacques is a self-represented performer from the Czech Republic.


Theo's early childhood was complicated and at times difficult, with a stint in a children’s home that came with all of the emotional stress that accompanies such an early childhood experience. This did not however deter him from a profound love of the arts that at first served as an escape. He started by joining his school choir, where his love for singing grew dramatically, leading to concerts and a healthy devotion to music.

While at grammar school, he was drawn to acting by joining the school‘s drama club and by having roles in student films. This led to his decision to seek a career in the film industry. Initially, he worked as a background actor for many projects in Prague and as a crew member for companies such as Marvel Studios while learning the mechanics of being on a professional movie set.


In 2019, Theo jumped into the acting profession full-on, studying with the British Actors Studio and ActingHorse in Prague among others with the help of many organizations and friends that have been sponsoring and helping him throughout the years. COVID hit the world and he continued still by joining various casting databases and platforms such as The Actors Gym (by Reel Scene),,, and more.


Prague Film School offered him a spot at the summer acting course in 2020 where he worked on on-camera technique, Shakespeare, improvisation, dance, and singing. Prague Youth Theatre has also been part of his experience as he completed a LAMDA accredited exam called "Gold Medal Grade 8, Level 3" at "Distinction mark". He also studied the Meisner technique at Prague Playhouse Acting Studio.

In 2021, he has been working on various acting projects such as a potential TV pilot produced by ActingHorse, directed by David Stejskal, CSA, FAMU International productions, Prague Film School productions, and commercials. Theo also attended the Working with Actors course at FAMU led by Mary Angiolillo and worked on various projects.

In 2022, Theo has been working on many short films and independent projects.


"​What attracts me to acting is that I can challenge myself, express my creativity, and discover parts of myself and the world through the role I choose to portray. I enjoy analyzing other people's behavior, learning new skills, and I love the feeling and complete immersion of becoming a specific and believable character.

I love the audience relating to the story and character and finding common ground; realizing that they're not alone and can dive into the world we create. Acting serves me as a form of expression of my own experience as well as an escape from it."​



London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art's (LAMDA) Gold Medal

Grade 8, Level 3 at the "​Distinction Mark"​.

Exam taken at Prague Youth Theatre as a part of the "​Exam Prep: Acting'' course."​

LAMDA Exam Level 3 (Gold Medal, Grade 8) - Distinction.jpg